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 When the Lawrence brothers stole their first guitar in High School they knew they had very limited musical talent.But they had dreams of backstage, flashpots and groupies.They were also failing 5 of 6 classes each at school so they realized they had better find the best musicians in town and ride their coat tails to multi-platinum success.

 After being expelled they decided to part ways in search of fame & fortune.For years they played with different cover bands and independant recording artists but always found an empty feeling in their creative hearts.They decided the only way to fill the void was to write and record their own original music.

 Lawrence had released a couple of commercially sucessful indie solo projects in the late 80's,early 90's(Woody Guy and Musk) while Lawrence had achieved critical acclaim for the '89 collection simply titled "Mr.Lawrence".

Sleep Tight

A handsome young sessions musician named Flo was used on bass during the Mr.Lawrence recordings and was asked to join the Sleep Tight project in '91.He reluctantly accepted.


The Self Titled Debut
Released 1991

A european percussionist who simply called himself Roland had been used by Lawrence on the Musky/Woody sessions was also asked to join the project.

 Half way through the recording of the album Roland was replaced by a more capable rhythmist named Al Esis.

 The self titled debut was released in mid '91. The singles Righteous Man and Treasure in the Sand reached modest success.

King Sh*t
Released 1992

King Sh#t
 After an extensive tour to promote their debut it was back in the studio for the band. Long nights of partying and endless hours in the studio led to several visits to Detox for the Lawrence brothers.During these breaks in the sessions Flo toured the country with a blues/glam rock act called Somebodys' Beeswax and recorded with the legendary IYS.Al Esis stayed in the studio waiting for everyone to return.
 Finally in the spring of '92 the second collection of tunes was released.King Sh*t was recieved with critical acclaim and an unreleased single called Candy reached the top of the indie charts in the summer of '92.
 A video collection titled King Vid was also released


Released 1995

 The King Tour rolled into '93 with many dates added along the way.As the months flew by the group longed for new material and a place where they could create. The Lawrence brothers knew where they had to go! 
 While they were in rehab Flo joined a recording/touring act from the french quarter called Chien D'amour and worked with a freeform rock oddity known as The Mike Kemper Trio.Al collected dust waiting in the studio for his bandmates to arrive.
 Once everyone had fulfilled their commitments work began on the third album.
 In the spring of '95 SP was released.The single Crazy was taken from the collection.It also included a collaboration with MKT called Little Angels.


After endless touring,release parties and promotional stops to support the SP album things came to a head betwix the Lawrence brothers.Ken felt smothered by Micks' creative control in the studio and  self-centered antics in the limelight onstage.All parties involved could read the writing on the wall.Another stop at the "Funny Farm" was in order for the brothers!Flo had seen it all before and jumped at a chance tour and record with "Les Chien".Al spent more time and money than he had in the studio on a solo project featuring dogs howling to drum beats entitled "Kick Arfs".It would never be released.Lawrence was released from the Asylum before his brother and immediately went into the studio to co-produce the tribute for the legendary eclectic bluesman Pete Mac.It featured co-producer GoGo Boy,bluesman Gigi,boy child percussionist extrodinaire Kemper,and the legend himself Mac.In the fall of '96 the tribute album Do Pete was released.

 As soon as Lawrence was released from detox in the fall of '97, he met with his bandmates to discuss the future of the group over a few drinks at a local establishment named Ralph's.After the fight between the two brothers (over one of the exotic dancers named Kiki) was settled and the bouncers had escorted them to the parking lot,the boys agreed it was time to head back to the studio and record a followup to SP as soon as possible.They did not want to be forgotten in the finnicky - ever changing music world.All agreed production must be smooth and release must be swift.

The new CD released 2002!

 In between 1997 and 2002,while one brothers took a turn keeping a bed warm for the other at rehab,the other would keep a bed warm for his sibling at Kiki's apartment.Then as their addictions to drug and love would rise and fall they would switch.This visceral erotic tag team carried on for years slowing the album production to a snails pace but allowing all to work on side projects.
 Flo continued to tour with Les Chien D'amour and played a festival with a resurrection of the IYS act called Rodebase.Lawrence recorded with and co-produced a Metal/Country/Hip Hop act called K_Brad,an artist who had performed on his early Musky solo recording.Al began a second solo project,a spoken word collection of  his most tresured and personal poems recorded with a few of his closest seaman friends titled Naval Gaze.A demo entitled Coming Out Roses is being shopped around the major labels.Meanwhile Lawrence recorded a collection of well crafted and radio friendly pop songs intended for mass audience consumption and heavy rotation on both AM and FM radio with a new act called Teenage Sex Kitten.The first single "Monkey Mask" topped the Hard Core/Industrial charts for weeks.As the royalties continue to pour in,a bitter legal battle is ongoing over monies collected from airplay and of course the imminent sale of Tshirts,posters and moistened toilettes bearing the TSK logo.

 Finally in the winter of 2002,after endless takes,song rewrites and countless production problems the new CD Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! was finished and shipped platinum to the distributors. The first single Kiki has been released and is recieving national attention.
In the fall of 2005 a new album was release.The untitled masterpiece left critics speechless.
 The reviews are in and are near unanimous - Sleep Tight are back.The Monster has awoken!Don't let the bedbugs bite!