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I Don't Wanna See You

The lyrics are pure genius. This song would work as a written poem. Dedicated to all those who have had a broken heart. Maybe the words could be written on a buisiness card and handed out when needed to those who deserve them. I have an old girl firend who would have a box full. Vocals are great. I like the mystical guitar sound. I will be listening to this song again. And at a party I am going to this weekend. This is a great sing along song.
- Hillgruebel  -  Muckwonago,Wisconson
Great performance good song well written you guys sound a hell ofa lot like the stones.
-David Ray Reed  - Anderson,California

slide it on over
pretty good song--nice feel to it--lyrics are ok--a little slow maybe--unless you've downed a quart of tequila--then it's probably a good song--sounds like dan hicks and the hot licks

Mike Connelly - Jefferson City,Missouri

nice song. vocals are really sturdy and clear. Words can be easily heard which is rare it seems (you should hear my songs) hahah not sure who you sound like though the vocals once in a while sound a LITTLE like the rolling stones guy. good song

shgrptutie - Toronto,Ontario


Clayton Got A Girlfriend

good power pop all over again
Bass cooks, some one that you want to keep. a very cool voice but i'm not sure about the mix, it could be the MP3 sound, not sure. Good bridge, and I always like to hear a bridge. Mix may need some work, but thats a small thing.
-Terry Carroll - Huntley,Illinois
Good harmonies
I like all of two part vocal harmony parts. This kind of has a Cheap Trick feel. The hook is good. Guitars are buried in the mix. I would like to hear this with better production.

-Rawknrole -Evansville,Indiana
Do, do, tch
The bass is very, very nice. I like how it gets all up... On the tiny strings... And you mash your fingers on them... I think the song overall could use better lyrics... And the vocals were a bit... Not in good taste... It's like rap... Where they're always yelling... The bridge was nice, with the crazy soloing, again, on the high tiny strings... Mashing your fingers... Otherwise, nice work. Cheers.

CC House - Aurora,Colorado
Mix is poor. Song is good. Bass sounds very good from what I can hear. I liked the guitar solo a lot.
JellyX - Orange County,California
Bass OK
song was well composed,bass player was good and the bridge,while not original,was very good.I'd rethink the singer though.
Ballantrae - Khow-Ping-Kan,Phang Nga Bay, Hysteria, Thailand


Can you say New Age?
I feel like I've been magically transported back to the 80s! That's not always a bad thing, though. Very well mixed. Definitely interesting. Not my kind of groove, but it's really not bad. Kinda a head bobber

interesting voice, i like it cause its different than the grungey wanna-bes we review. preety good songwriting, good luck, i like this.

petty guitars
this is a pretty lonely song. it loses me. the instrumentation is nice though. for sure.


Sent from above
The guitars are solid and compliment the vocals. Drums are strong and tight with the bassist. Great arrangment and discipline with the chord progression. Good job.

sorta sounds like ray davies a lttle to me, this isn't bad at all, good songwriting skills, i like the bass alot, good luck to you guys.

the lyrics are pretty good, but singer's voice is very "wavery." voice doesn't necessarily need to be stronger but does need to be more solid. beginning sounds a lot like the beginning of a hootie in the blowfish song. music sounds a bit too bland. it needs something to make it stand out.:)